“How can we tell unconscious things inside me?” -The answer I provisionally have so far is photograph. We need devices or ritual to convert unconsciousness into things we can tell. For instance, words which rushed out from his/her mouth can be words he/she desired to say in conversation as ritual. I use photograph in this way, which means platform to convert.

I take photograph in private spaces such as capsule hotel or under the floor of my house. Place and bodies I used to belong are separated from myself when they become photograph. Those seems to reveal my experience or emotion, but no one can really touch them, just being there saying “You just can see from distance”. If I say, photograph for me is like utterance to tell something in my mind.

The distance between occurrence and myself forms my works. Photograph sometimes like hurting, calling from the long distance, or staring in silence under one’s eyes. Gazing of photograph makes heterogeneous distance, and I can re-gaze the photographs once again apart from myself. I see myself by taking photograph. When I face to images, they tell me the fact of “that has been”, in a same time of telling my memories or something beyond my consciousness. The images which remind me of something and are discovered by something. I keep seeking images I can never be able to touch.






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